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Welcome to the Real Choices home page for Jefferson County, Washington. We are here to provide information and resources for people with developmental disabilities, their families, and those who provide services and support.

Our community includes information on nearly 500 resources. Some are disability-related, some are "generic" community resources. We always welcome your feedback on things you want to see added, links that aren't working or other comments on how we can make this site work better for you.

This is where you can find information on everything from government services and benefits, adaptive technology, recreational activities, education, support groups, places to worship, accessible restaurants, disability-related media and literature, and much, much, more!

Welcome. We hope you find what you're looking for.

Please note that Jefferson County and the Real Coices Project cannot offer any assurances about the content, availability, or suitablilty of the information provided by the organizations listed here. We provide links to as many resources as we can without regard to the specific information being disseminated, so long as we believe it might be useful or interesting to people accessing this site and is not illegal or substantially offensive.

This site was built with support from a Real Choices grant and is maintained in part by Jefferson County Public Health and the work of a coalition of volunteers, including self-advocates, vendors, advocates, and others who are interested in making this community a better place for everyone through inclusion and choice.